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Equilibrity: the state of being equally balanced.


  Simply complete the online contact form below or phone 01892-731861, or email and the team will be in touch.


 If Equilibrity is unable to answer your phone call immediately,  then please leave your name, contact details and reason for calling and one of the team will contact you.

 Equilibrity Open Day


   Equilibrity would like to thank all those that attended our open day on the 16th Feb and making it a great success. Due to the popularity watch this space for further dates and other offers.

For those that attended, then we would appreciate any comments in regard to the day or the facilities to enhance all customers experiences.

Please utilise the contact form below for comments or to arrange a therapy session. 

Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0) 1892 731861


49 London Road

Tunbridge Wells



Contact Form:



  • equilibrityinfo

    Heard my cat meowing in the night and assumed she’d brought a mouse in but no turns out she’d dragged this llama up……

    11th December @ 20:06
  • equilibrityinfo

    Had really good fun even if I did get jump scared by the butterfly!! Thanks for our experience.

    27th June @ 19:42
  • equilibrityinfo

    Having worked in nurseries for the past 3 years all having used Zebedees I think the standard of the food is brilli……

    5th November @ 09:25
  • equilibrityinfo

    Day 14: Lenny was on a bit of a bender this weekend luckily he found a cosy spot to rest up, in one of the cots!

    14th December @ 19:22